Digital Marketing Methods for Car Dealerships

What is it about your current Car Dealership’s Digital Marketing that needs to be revamped? Your online presence is the first place consumers look to conduct research and find out what they do and do not like, what brand interests them, and who their local dealerships are. If you are not effectively communicating or getting in front of your audience, your current digital marketing strategy needs a revamp.

It is more than changing where you spend your marketing dollars or increasing your marketing budget. It is a complete overhaul of your marketing strategy. Who you are targeting, what type of messaging you want to convey, and your lead generation process. Many dealerships still rely on word of mouth, which is great, but conversations within the same circle can only last so long. You need to attract new leads, buyers, and most importantly, repeat buyers.

Know Who You Are You Targeting

Digital Targeting For Car Dealerships

Know your audience. Before spending money on ads or developing new content, take a step back to ask who it is for and what the purpose is. Creating blog posts and social media posts is helpful, but if there is no targeted approach, your messaging will just fall on deaf ears.

Taking the time to research your audience and their preferences, their interests, and more importantly, how they talk, will help you better formulate your marketing plan and messaging. Everyone, nearly, has a need for a car. So knowing what their interests are is helpful, but may not provide the in-depth insights you are looking for. What will help you is honing in on your local audience. Being able to connect with your local audience can help drive your target audience into your dealership to have a meaningful conversation. Having your brand’s messaging reach across the country is awesome, but how many of those followers or interactions will actually lead to a sale? Let alone a meaningful conversation.

Get Customized

Car Dealership Marketing, Digital Marketing Methods for Car Dealerships

Every customer wants white-glove service and to be treated like they are the most important customer in the world. It is not easy to accomplish, but using marketing analytics, cookies, and smart forms can help tailor custom content and experiences to your audience. There is so much data in today’s world, use it to your advantage. You can track your audience’s actions across your website, where are they coming from, where are they going, and how long are they browsing certain content or landing pages.

Customization in emails is nice, but it does not have the same feel as having content, landing pages, or your handheld throughout the buying process. Especially for large purchases like a vehicle.

Improve the Quality of Your Leads

Get Better Car Leads

Having a targeted approach and tailoring content to your audience goes a long way in the buying process. It also helps provide your sales team with higher-quality leads. The leads who are actually interested in your dealership and its services will continue the conversation. They will continue to seek additional information, come into your dealership, and have meaningful conversations that show they are actually interested.

For the prospects who are slightly interested or only want to poke around, they will still be served a customized experience, they just will not convert or take the next step. And that is ok! There will always be prospects who are not ready to buy, they may never be ready to buy, they may change their mind entirely, or something else. You will never be able to close 100% of the leads that come in.

Knowing who your audience is and providing them with a better experience will help the higher-quality leads float to the top for your sales team to close, and the uninterested ones or ones who need more time to continue to stew on their decision. You can still market to them, just know that your time and resources can be directed elsewhere in the meantime.

Ready to Talk Strategy?

Ready to take your car dealership’s marketing strategy discussion to the next level? The Market Doctors team is here to help. As a premier and full-service digital marketing agency for car dealerships, we can help take your existing strategy and provide it with the life and juice it needs to be successful.

With over 20 years of experience serving car dealerships across the country, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you increase your leads and crush your revenue goals.

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