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With the Market Doctor’s custom marketing solution, you’ll see an increase in sales, market share, customer acquisition, and customer retention. Whether you’re a single dealership or have more than 30 locations, we’ll create a consistent online presence for your business.

Pixel Rx

To help capture website visitor’s information, Market Doctors utilizes a data collection solution that helps create a profile of each of your visitors. This allows our team to retarget them with specific ads to help turn them into qualified leads. Re-targeting has never been easier than with our Pixel solution. Our team can build a persona, create a custom marketing approach, and pinpoint that consumer with this information making you one of the most powerful dealerships around.
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Pixel Rx F.A.Q.

What The Heck is Pixel Rx & How Can It help My Dealership?

Pixel Rx empowers website operators to turn anonymous visitors into identifiable consumers.

    • When this match and identification takes place, we can return up to 300 attributes on the consumer. 
    • You get name, postal address, email, gender, and DOB. 
    • You get more specific details like homeowner, vehicle ownership, political party, presence of children, and many more.
How Does Pixel Rx Work?
  • When a consumer visits the site, Pixel Rx  fires and immediately collects 12 elements of information from the visitor’s device. None of those elements is PII related, 
  • All data collected by Pixel Rx  Is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 
  • The 12 elements collected are then matched against our expansive identity database. 
  • The entire process occurs in near-real time and is completed in approximately 400 milliseconds.
What Are The Results?
The matching data points are posted to our Pixel Rx 

With industry stats indicating that as much as 50% of website visitors are non-human clicks and of the remaining traffic, only 5% converting to a lead or contact – Pixel Rx  quickly provides a tremendous opportunity for increased ROI on marketing dollars as your business can now identify & engage the 95% that were previously anonymous.

Pixel Rx is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant ?


 All data is first-party data and allows you to use the data in your marketing campaigns.