4 Tactics To Boost Car Sales in 2021

The pandemic inadvertently caused a downturn in sales for car dealerships. Although COVID-19 is an extreme example, dealerships should try to plan for minor setbacks as well. In this article, we’ll highlight four ways that you can boost your sales until your business begins to normalize.

Try an End-Of-The-Month Sales Blitz

Car Sales Tactics

What is a sales blitz? A sales blitz is an organized effort to mobilize your salesforce to sell a particular product or service. There are a few tangible benefits to conducting a sales blitz. First and foremost, it’s a quick way to gain lots of sales and new customers very quickly. Second, it serves as a great training opportunity. You can use this tactic to focus on and finetune a specific area of the car sales process.

Better Incentives

While it’s okay (and very tempting) to incentivize customers to buy your vehicles by slashing prices, it’s not always necessary. These vouchers could range from free tire rotations and alignments to X% or $X off their next visit to your service department. These kinds of deals are very enticing for your customers while simultaneously boosting your profits through your service department.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, 4 Tactics To Boost Car Sales in 2021

DO NOT fall into the habit of ignoring your social media accounts. Social media is a powerful lead generation tool, as it allows you to build a community of your dealerships fans and customers. Customers are likely to respond to your posts or advertisements on social media, engage with the brand by sharing events at your dealership, or referring you to their friends. Not to mention, a massive portion of your customer base is on at least one social media platform. Find your audience, target them, and facilitate that lucrative engagement.

Referral Programs

The most significant portion of your leads and sales are going to come from referrals. As I mentioned in the previous section, your goal should be to build a community around your dealership. Your community will eventually market the dealership for you by letting their friends/family/coworkers know where they should purchase a vehicle. This process will occur naturally with quality customer service but can be improved using promotional incentives. For example, say a former customer refers 5 of their friends who all purchased vehicles. Incentives for this person could be receiving a free iPad or a free stay at a local resort because they gave your dealership lots of referrals. Promotions like these can also be promoted on Facebook and other social media platforms to significantly increase the number of referrals you get from your online community. Remember, these promotional incentives/offers need to be impressive. They referred people to your dealership and increased your sales; reward them accordingly.

Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

Car dealership Lead Generation

Gathering leads from every source is a time-consuming and frustrating process. The solution? Hire Market Doctors to help generate, collect, and follow up with all the leads that come in for your dealership. We offer cutting-edge products with industry-leading results, in addition to being a trusted partner for hundreds of dealerships across the United States. Regardless of the problem that your dealership is facing, we have the solution to your success! Call or email us today for a consultation/quote.



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