Why SEO and Website Design Matter for Your Car Dealership

Your car dealership’s website is more than just a place for you to share pictures and descriptions of your vehicles. It’s the first impression of a very important decision in someone’s life. Your website should be welcoming, informative, and most importantly, properly optimized.

In the automotive industry, a properly optimized website shows that you are a trusted car dealership, provide relevant and reliable information, and has a clean and professional design. Because Google is constantly updating its algorithm, having content that is unique and specific to your industry is what helps your website rank atop search engines.

When you look at your website, can you confidently say that you are constantly updating its content, the images, and have a design layout that leads visitors to take action? If not, here’s how.

Boost Your Car Dealership SEO


A solid SEO strategy should include industry-specific knowledge, inbound and outbound links, and keywords you want to rank for. However, when including keywords there is a fine line between heavily saturating the content and incorporating the right amount of keywords. They need to be included organically, not inorganically.



When selecting your keywords, you must conduct research. There are going to be hundreds, thousands of keywords you COULD rank for, but you need to determine which ones are most important to your car dealership. Do you want to boost your local, national, or a combination of both SEO strategies? Your keywords should have a high search volume but with little competition so you can rank higher for them. Saying you want to rank highly for “local car dealership” is a good starting point, but you have to have the content to support it.



Content is more than having a blog post, social media strategy, and descriptions of your vehicles and dealership. It needs to be informative, interesting, relevant, shareable, and relatable to your target audience. Creating content for the sake of doing so is a strategy that will provide short-term results without longevity. You want your content to be relatable several months, even years in advance from when it’s created.

A good content strategy should include optimized:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the paid method you use on search engines. This includes Google Ads,  & Facebook advertising. Ensuring that these ads are optimized for specific campaigns, include the keywords you want to rank for, and can be properly tracked is what helps lead to a successful SEM strategy. Search engines want to see your car dealership’s SEO strategy comes full circle.

Visitor’s On-Page Experience

When you visit a website, you are doing so because you have intent, a goal. You either want to learn about products, services, where they’re located, or a culmination of these elements. When you visit these websites, it would be a more pleasant experience if you can do so quickly and efficiently. 

This is the design and layout of your website. This involves how you acquire visitors, guide them through your website and content, highlight your brand, display your services, and create a pleasant user experience. Creating a pathway for your visitors to learn about who you are, what you provide, and how they can contact you is beneficial. When someone wants to contact you because they want to view one of your cars today, is that a simple process or is it difficult?

One way to test your website’s experience is to test it with some of your employees who may not be familiar with your website. Maybe try it with friends or family members as well. Politely ask them to visit your website and schedule a time to meet with a sales representative. If they can come into your dealership and you can watch them walk through this process, that would be even more beneficial. You’ll be able to see where they get hung up, answer questions if they have any, and look at your website objectively to understand how you can improve. Remember, if Google is constantly improving its algorithm, you need to constantly improve and update your website.


Understand Where You Stand

The content and design of your website is what can help take your local audience and expand it across the county, state, or even nation. By incorporating a strategic approach to your content, you’ll be able to rank higher and attract more buyer-ready visitors.

If all of this seems like a complete overhaul of your website, do not stress. We can help! We provide a full suite of solutions specific to car dealerships and understand your industry. We specialize in car dealership marketing and SEO strategies and have been doing so for over 20 years.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your SEO and website design to attract better, buyer-ready prospects. Get your free quote today!

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