Top 3 Marketing Strategies For Your Car Dealership

Top 3 Car Dealership Marketing Strategies Market Doctors

Every car dealership needs a solid marketing strategy. Whether you choose to use traditional or digital marketing tactics to accomplish your goals, marketing, in general, should remain a conscious part of your decision-making process for the dealership.

What goals should you accomplish through marketing? Primarily, car dealers tend to focus on generating leads and bolstering customer loyalty, equating to more car sales.

With some help from the Market Doctors team and some of the tips listed below, we’ll have your marketing strategies outlined in no time.

1. Boosting Your Car Dealerships Presence Online

Boosting Your Presence Online

Closing a deal is much easier when you have the customer physically present in your dealership. Once they see the lot, talk to the sales representative, or test drive a car they like, you’ve pretty much gained that persons’ business.

While this may seem like a straightforward path to victory, you have to consider what it takes to bring people to your dealership. Print and traditional media advertising are still viable ways to draw attention to the dealership; however, a healthy online presence can make a huge difference in your physical traffic.

Start by evaluating your current online presence. How does your audience perceive you? Are they engaging with your posts (likes, comments, shares, messages)? Are your social media accounts using up-to-date information about your business? When was the last time you posted to each social media platform?

You should be posting to your social media at least two or three times a week. Customers, Millennials in particular, use social media to validate the credibility of a business. Companies that engage with their audience frequently, have a positive reputation, and post regularly are more likely to get their business.

2. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

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Every dealer in your area is gunning for your customers and a larger slice of market share. Each one has researched and dedicated time to differentiate themselves from one another. How will you stand out?

From my experience as a public relations practitioner, I believe delivering a world-class car buying experience to the customer should be your primary focus. How your sales staff present themselves, showroom amenities (complimentary food and beverage, TV, etc.), and how the sales conversation is framed all play a role in driving sales. If you can get all of these items perfected and formulaic, you’re going to appear miles better than the competition.

If the customer had an overwhelmingly pleasant experience, they are more likely to leave a positive review, thus increasing your potential reach online.

3. Partner with a Dealership Marketing Agency like Market Doctors

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Market Doctors is an industry leader in automotive digital marketing with clients spanning across the United States. We have a diverse team of industry experts who will deliver personalized solutions and creative marketing strategies that will provide you with significant, measurable results. Partnering with Market Doctors gives you access to bleeding-edge marketing strategies tailored to meet your goals. For more information on our services and products, please visit our website or contact us for a consultation.

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