The Complete Guide to Car Dealership Advertising

Spending your car dealership’s marketing dollars can often be a difficult task. What will give you your biggest bang for your buck? Should you continue spending dollars on Google Ads for car dealerships, or should you redirect your budget to Facebook Ads for car dealerships?

Car salespeople need prospects to speak with to sell cars. If you aren’t getting the traffic you need, selling your vehicles is all the more difficult. In this complete guide to car dealership advertising, we’ll provide you with solutions to help drive quality leads to your website, convert leads into sales, and how you can increase revenue.

Guide to Car Dealership Advertising

Video Advertising for Car Dealerships

Video Advertising Car Dealerships

What’s the best way for you to get in contact with your target audience with quick, effective messages? Video advertising. Videos allow you to quickly convey your message to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Cars are something that buyers typically want to know everything about before purchasing. Videos allow you to provide full descriptions, add some humor, walk through the entire vehicle, and tell your buyers where to find you and how to get in contact with you.


Your car dealership videos can be posted on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook to garner as many views as possible. Plus, if you opt for advertising your videos on YouTube, you’ll get even more views, increasing your videos reach and overall brand awareness.


Refresh Your Car Dealership’s Social Media Accounts


Frequently posting on social media is an effective strategy, but is it getting results? Posting similar content day after day can get stale for your followers and they can end up unfollowing you or just tuning out your messages.


Rather than posting your newest vehicle each day with a witty tagline. You should post about community events that are happening and that your employees are involved with. Are there any charities that you could partner with? When your employees are in public at events, they don’t need to strictly talk business with people. However, they can bring their sales cards and steer a conversation to notify people that they work at a car dealership and would love to see them there.


You don’t need to overthink your social media strategy. Keeping it simple is often a more effective strategy compared to blasting people with witty and clever posts that try to go viral.


Facebook Advertising for Car Dealerships

Facebook Marketing

To help you make the most of your advertising budget, Facebook advertising for car dealerships is an extremely effective strategy. You can target your specific audience, set a specific budget, and drive high quality traffic to your website.


You can also add your vehicles to Facebook Marketplace. You can create Facebook Ads on Facebook Marketplace and get in front of an audience who otherwise may not have seen your ads. These are people who are actively looking for a vehicle and are interested in moving forward. It’s a matter of finding the right vehicle at the right price for these people.


Direct Mail isn’t Dead


Direct mailers for your car dealership are still an effective strategy that drives results. Having the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on a new or slightly used vehicle is an intriguing and interesting offer for many people. When prospective buyers find out that they could save a large sum of money at your dealership, they’ll be showing up at your car dealership with your flyer in hand rather than recycling it.


Direct mail campaigns need to have a targeted approach. While you could opt to send to everyone in a specific area code, a specific area and demographic will help keep costs low and results high.


Increase Your Car Dealership Marketing

Increase Your Car Dealership Marketing

Improving your car dealership’s marketing efforts shouldn’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel. Competing with other car dealerships should involve a strategic and targeted approach that effectively utilizes your marketing budget and drives high results.


To help drive high-quality leads and increase website traffic, we’re here to help. At Market Doctors, we’ve been providing car dealership marketing services for over 20 years to car dealerships across the United States.


We provide a full-suite of marketing services from acquisition to retention to reactivation to generate leads, sales, and grow your revenue. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote to see how you can start optimizing your car dealership’s marketing campaigns. See how you compare to your competition and how we can help transcend your car dealership’s success today.

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