Targeted Ads For Car Dealerships


Paying for automotive ads that too few or the wrong people see can be a significant problem for your marketing budget. Having hyper-targeted ads help deliver high-quality, relevant ads to your target audience. This means your website traffic and quality of form submissions increase. In short, you see better results,

So why don’t more automotive dealerships use hyper-targeted ads to reach their buyers? Dealerships think it is too complex, time-consuming, and wishful thinking to accomplish. However, this is a reality and takes less time and research than is often associated with it.


Hyper-Targeted Ads Basics for Automotive Dealerships

Start Small

The first and most important element of paid automotive dealership ads is to target a smaller audience. As you build your audience, it is easy to add additional, addressable audiences to your overall campaign. However, all this will do is increase the cost of your campaign since uninterested prospects will view and potentially click your ads.

Target prospects who have searched or viewed content on your website but haven’t submitted a form. These would be people who are interested but need the extra push over the edge to take action. Your goal is to start small and as you gather more information on who your website visitors is, you can better tailor your campaigns to specific audiences.


Do Not Get Too Granular

Car Dealership Marketing, Targeted Ads For Car Dealerships


Honing in on a specific audience is great. It will allow you to tailor your messaging and campaign to that specific audience. However, getting too granular limits your reach and could result in under-performance of your ads. There is a fine balance of having a large enough audience that you can reach, but small enough to hit with your specific message.

Typically, in the automotive industry, interest-based targeting is not recommended because nearly everyone needs a car. Retargeting ads are recommended because so long as they are looking at your website, they are interested in your fleet or services. Although they could just be gathering information, there is an intent to learn more about who you are.


Define Your Window

In terms of retargeting, you need to define a period of time that you want to retarget website visitors. There are a few different types of criteria that you could set, but it is best to set your window to the past 30 days. Anything outside of the 30-day window could result in poor performance. Think about when you are looking for new shoes. You research different makes and models and make a purchase relatively soon. If you conducted your research but did not purchase within the month, the odds of you making a purchase have significantly decreased and you will need to start your search over again.

It would be best to target visitors within the past seven days, maybe as far out as 14, to hit your higher valued audience. Anything longer than 14 days but still inside 30 could still be a useful audience for you, but you would not want to put as much budget towards that audience.


See Local, Buy Local

Your local brand presence is everything your dealership. Target your audience within a specific region since your local audience is more likely to purchase than those over 200 miles. Even if your dealership has multiple locations that are outside your designated region, you will still want to target those regions to push them to your showroom floor. Your goal is foot traffic, and this means you need a strong local presence.

Hyper-targeting your local audience is an excellent way to drive more traffic, more buyer-ready leads, and more qualified prospects. All things your sales team and management want!


Hyper-Targeted Ads

Car Dealership Marketing, Targeted Ads For Car Dealerships

Cutting through the automotive dealership marketing clutter is challenging. At Market Doctors, we have been helping dealerships across the country improve their marketing strategies and sales for over 20 years. Not only are we capable of creating hyper-targeted ads for your automotive dealership, but we also have a unique Vin Advantage.

This is a proprietary, automated vehicle search that helps drive traffic/VDP views using the shopping behaviors of customers on third-party sites. This data is used to generate hyper-targeted advertising on social media feeds for your prospective buyers. You want to get in front of your audience, Market Doctors are the ones who can help you accomplish this.


Contact us today to receive a free proposal and see how we can help you grow your sales.

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