5 SEO Tips for Car Dealership Practices to Attract Buyers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is improving your website for higher search engine rankings and visibility and ultimately gaining more traffic for your business. This proactive strategy continues to benefit several companies, including SEO for car dealerships.

Getting a car is an exciting yet complex journey for most owners, with several time points expanding for weeks, months, or years. You must be present in all parts of the trip to get a dealership in front of car buyers. 

Most consumers begin their car-purchasing journey by typing their queries in search engines; thus, investing in SEO for car dealerships is crucial if you want to succeed. 

This article will discuss why SEO for car dealerships matters and the best SEO for car dealership practices.

Importance of SEO for Car Dealerships 

Google shows that the average car buyer’s journey can include approximately 900 digital interactions. These interactions can range from reading local dealerships’ reviews to watching video test drives on YouTube.

SEO for car dealerships matters because it can help the purchaser to find the company where they want to buy their vehicle when they see the information on search engines. You’ll most likely miss a sale when your dealership doesn’t show up for the “where-should-I-buy-it” moment.

5 Best SEO for Car Dealership Practices to Attract Buyers

Like other industries, you must integrate some of the best SEO for car dealership practices to rank higher in the search engines. This section will discuss the five best SEO practices for your car dealership.

1. Select the Right Keywords 

Most people would initially think of keywords when they hear “SEO.” Like other industries, keywords are beneficial in SEO for car dealerships because they tell search engines what your company offers. 

When picking the right keywords, it can feel like you have endless possibilities. Your dealership probably has different models, specific makes, and other services. Several broad keywords can be highly competitive to rank in search engines. 

For instance, WordStream identified “car” as the top automotive keyword with over nine million searches.

2. Have an SEO-Friendly Website Design 

Your dealership won’t rank in search results if you have a terrible website.

Another way to optimize  SEO for your car dealership with the goal of gaining more traffic is for  your dealership to have an SEO-friendly website design. An excellent website is crucial to influential SEO car dealers. Website design and SEO are two different things related to one another. 

Google indexes the mobile version of a business’s website more than the website design. Seventy-one percent of the buyer’s digital interactions happen on phones. And you’d want to create an appropriate and readable website on any device. Buyers don’t want to pinch in to read your website’s content. 

At the same time, metadata helps boost your business as search engines send bots or spiders to crawl all web pages online, read the content, and index the site’s pages. When users search online, search engine algorithms rank the indexed websites based on relevancy, location, and search intent.

3. Include Local Listings 

Local listings or citations mention your dealership’s basic information online, such as name, address, phone number, website, and business hours. It’s what pops up when a user searches for a term such as “BMW dealership California,” the contact info they’ll see on your Facebook page, and how an online news website lists your information. The user needs this information to contact you. 

Search engines also use citations to verify your business and its quality.

4. Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

At the same time, your dealership website must prepare for voice-activated searches. Trends project that more than 35% of Americans will use voice search. And voice searches for local car dealerships are more rampant on other devices. 

Your SEO for car dealership strategy must tailor long-tail local queries that compose voice searches.

5. Add Video SEO 

If pictures can paint a thousand words, a video can do more. And to cap our list of best SEO for car dealership practices, we suggest creating videos for your business.

While Google is the world’s most popular search engine, Google-owned Youtube lands at number two. 

YouTube is a powerful SEO tool for car dealerships because YouTube videos appear in relevant Google search results. Car buyers also use YouTube when researching their target vehicle.

Revving Up the Ranks

Efficient car dealerships maximize SEO practices to boost their rankings and visibility and convert visitors into buyers. 

Market Doctors offers professional SEO for car dealership services across the United States. While we have used old-school marketing strategies for several years, we learned to adapt to the change by creating our digital space. With our combined knowledge, we target our customers’ needs to give them the best marketing strategy and ensure high ROI. Contact us now to get a proposal.

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