Effective Social Media Strategies for Dealerships

When prospective buyers want good information, fast, they conduct an online search. Not only are they using search engines, but they also check social media.   they’ve  How do you grow your dealership’s online presence for free? Social media! There are over one billion people who check social media throughout the day, meaning social media should be a marketing strategy you heavily utilize.


It isn’t enough to just post every day and share other’s content because you want to. It’s a calculated approach that will lead to a growth in your social media following and engagement. You have to engage with your specific audience, post relatable and informative content, and conduct market research to stay on top of trends. Implementing these effective social media strategies for dealerships will help contribute to your overall access.


Social Media Strategies for Your Dealership

Use Story Telling Techniques

Create a connection between your brand and your audience. Build relationships and brand loyalty through your interactions and be able to relate to your audience on a personal level. You don’t want to come across as a sales first dealership. Share experiences and humanize your brand with storytelling techniques.


Example: if your dealership gets together for Earth Day, take a picture of your entire team and how you’re helping the earth on that day.


Run Contests and Promotions


Run contests and promotions to boost traffic and engagements with your social accounts and brand. This is different than saying you reduced the price on a specific make or model. This is people to interact with your social accounts by liking, commenting, sharing posts, and tagging their friends. By doing so, you’ll grow your following and give discounts to a certain number of winners.


Be Specific on Facebook

Facebook Promotions

Facebook is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. You can be as broad or specific as you want. You can target by gender, age, geographic location, interests, and more. So while you share content on Facebook to increase engagements, your Facebook ads can turn browsers into buyers. There’s nothing better than asking how someone heard of your dealership and them telling you through social media!


Use Keywords and Hashtags on Twitter


Whether you like it or not, Twitter is a central location for people to check when events happen around the world. With such a high volume of traffic, there is a ripe opportunity to target certain hashtags and keywords to attract your audience. This means you can create engaging content AND latch on to high-traffic keywords. Although your audience may not all be local to your dealership, increasing your followers and online presence is always beneficial.


Understand How to Use Instagram

Instagram ads Auto dealership marketing

The endless scroll on Instagram is exhilarating and addicting. For these reasons, Instagram is loved by millions of mobile users. Sharing pictures and videos of cool, interesting, and captivating items generates likes, comments, and shares. And if you’re a car dealership, it’s the perfect channel for you to share photos and videos of your vehicles. You can also be a little more light-hearted with your content and captions. Just because it may not be something that you would like or relate to. As long as others do, that’s all that matters!


Utilize Pinterest to Your Advantage

Pinterest Dealership marketing

Pinterest is typically an afterthought when it comes to thinking about social media channels. Although Pinterest is more popular amongst females, it can be super powerful when it comes to furthering your online presence. The ability to create boards and share pins that are vehicle-related allows your dealership to travel all over the world. Although it isn’t as powerful as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for your dealership, it’s just one more channel and opportunity for your business to reach its audience.


Create a Strategy and Stick to It

Dealership Marketing Strategy

Once you create your social media strategy for your dealership, stick to the plan. Do your research ahead of time and create a plan for creating content on a regular basis. This will help keep a steady stream of content flowing to your audience. Going viral is always nice in theory, but extremely difficult in execution. There are more negative viral moments than positive ones. Create your plan, create your content, and stay true to your brand.


Combining All Strategies Into One

Social media is powerful yet difficult to manage when there are so many different channels for different purposes. To help your dealership maximize its social media strategy, Market Doctors is here for you. Create Facebook Ads that drive buyer-ready leads to your website, latch on to high-traffic Twitter conversations, show off your business on Instagram to stay front-of-mind with your audience.


Get a free quote to start maximizing your dealership’s social media marketing efforts today.

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