Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

Over the years, car dealerships have struggled to acquire high-quality leads. This is more than someone showing up at your dealership and asking for a test drive. This is a buyer-ready lead who has their eyes on the prize and you’re holding the key.


When it comes to your competitive advantage, what is it about your dealership that is more enticing than the one down the road? It might not be an issue of having an advantage. It might be an advantage of being seen and found. These marketing strategies can help drive more buyer-ready leads to your dealership to increase sales.


7 Strategies to Drive Car Dealership Sales

Provide Value, Not Just Cars

Don’t just push cars onto your prospective customers. Let them know that you’re there to help them in this stressful purchase. Go above and beyond when it comes to the information you provide, the services you offer, and the trust you can build. Provide testimonials to your prospects so your previous customers do the selling for you. There’s nothing more powerful than a customer success story!


Invest in PPC Campaigns

Action Driving Content, Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

Where’s the first place you look when you want to search for something? The answer is most likely Google. So, if you aren’t promoting your car dealership on Google, you should be asking yourself why. Implementing Google Ads is an important element to your success and can help not just attract buyer-ready leads, but convert them into paying customers.


But be careful when it comes to your Google Ads campaigns. Loading your website with keywords, throwing hundreds of dollars into ads, and trying to outbid your competition won’t yield positive results. You need to conduct in-depth keyword research, determine negative keywords, and determine a budget. It’s very easy to see Google Ads costs balloon quickly!


Understand Your Competitors

Action Driving Content, Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

What are your competitors doing in terms of marketing efforts? You don’t want to copy their campaigns, but you’ll want to compete against them in some sort of capacity. If their marketing strategies are working, take a page out of their book and see if you can improve upon their existing methods. One initial step you can take is by understanding the keywords they’re trying to rank for. This will give you an idea of what they want to rank highly for. This can help get your keyword research for paid ads kicked off too!


Keep an Eye on the Negatives

When you put forth marketing efforts, see what is and isn’t working. If you’re spending money in certain areas that aren’t yielding positive results, end those campaigns sooner than later. In terms of keywords, make sure your negative keywords are constantly updated so you aren’t spending money on search terms that don’t pertain to your business. There is a lot that can be learned when things don’t work out in your favor. Always keep an eye out on the negatives and how you can turn them into positives.


Manage Your Budget

You know better than anyone when your busy seasons are and when you’re slow. Adjust your budget accordingly. If it’s slow and you want to get more leads, increase your budget to keep your stream of leads and customers coming in. If you’re super busy and are in need of hiring new employees, redirect your budget to those needs rather than spending more on leads. If the leads are flowing, let them keep flowing!


Know Your Audience

Action Driving Content, Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales 

Everyone can be a lead, but not everyone will be a customer. Understand who your target audience is and craft your message toward them. Understanding your audience will help you better tailor your marketing efforts so you can have a higher rate of success. You’ll also be able to understand their language, their common problems, their desires, so you can communicate more effectively with them. More effective communication often leads to more sales.


Get People in, Not Just Online

You need leads who aren’t just visiting your website. You need leads who are coming into your dealership. How are you going to get them to speak with one of your salespeople if they’re only viewing your website? A phone call is great, but you know a car is something people want to touch, feel, and see. There’s a reason there are air fresheners that replicate new car smells. Get people in your doors and talk to your staff!


Improve Your Marketing Efforts Today

Action Driving Content, Effective Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

Don’t continue to put off your marketing efforts. Start implementing these strategies today with Market Doctors. Market Doctors is a premier digital marketing agency for dealerships.


We help you convert more leads, get more sales, and grow your revenue. Get a proposal to see how you can start attracting more buyer-ready leads today!

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