Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to shape the global economic landscape. Through innovative technology like automation, telematics, ADAS, and AI, the automotive industry is rapidly changing how industries around the world operate. As the industry continues to advance rapidly, it heightens the need for digital marketing for industry-specific manufacturers.

Targeted digital marketing helps influence ideal buyers and allows for more meaningful interactions with these contacts. It provides a customized and unique buyer experience and helps lead to a higher conversion rate for dealerships.

What Digital Marketing Means for the Automotive Industry

Make Your Dealership Seen

Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing for the automotive industry helps dealerships get noticed. Easy to say, sure. But it helps increase local and national awareness, even if your desired audience is more than 100 miles from your dealership’s location. The key to a successful dealership is brand awareness. If your target audience is unaware of your existence, the likelihood of you hitting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals are going to be very, very difficult to hit.

Find Your Differentiator

Successfully promoting your dealership is more complex than routinely posting on social media and buying ad space to talk about how great you are. Effective branding entails finding your competitive differentiator and highlighting it to your audience. Your friends and family could probably name five dealerships in a matter of seconds. Do they know what their differentiator is though? Make your dealership stand out and highlight your key elements. Subtleties can make the world of difference for your audience to convert into paying customers.

Be Engaging

Marketing For automotive

Engage with your audience online. You do not need to send a message on Facebook or LinkedIn to every single person in your network, but if someone comments on a post or is requesting more information, be there for them. Share content that relates to your audience as well. If you are in an area that has experienced hardships, financing and flexible payment options are going to resonate more than a flashy commercial. Be engaging and human. There is nothing worse than a dealership that feels like it is being run by corporate.

Effective Digital Marketing Methods

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular and extremely effective digital marketing strategy. It helps search engines find your content, website, and online information and ranks it on their platforms. This is why when you search on Google for “car dealerships near you” you see results based on your location and those dealerships’ SEO efforts.
  • Social media, yes. Social media is extremely effective for the automotive industry. It helps humanize your dealership and get directly in front of your audience. Plus, although it is few and far between, there is always the possibility of something going viral. You want free advertising in front of the masses, right?
  • Content marketing is about creating engaging, thought-provoking, and action-driving content for your audience. Specific topics and articles help position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Every dealership can sell cars, but how does yours provide more knowledge than your competitors? Showcase that in blog posts, eBooks, social media, and landing pages. Any type of content online, you should be there.

Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry

Dealership Marketing Strategies

When it comes to implementing a digital marketing strategy for your automotive dealership, the team at Market Doctors is here for you. Specializing in automotive marketing for over 25 years, Market Doctors is the premier digital marketing agency for automotive dealerships.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency equipped to meet your unique needs. Rather than having a “catch-all” approach where we come in and try implementing different tactics and hoping they work. We come in with a plan that has worked for dealerships small and large across the country. We can help increase your brand awareness, social media presence, SEO strategy, local reach, become an extension of your outbound sales approach, and provide any other marketing-related services you need. From acquisition to retention to reactivation, our solutions help convert more leads to grow your revenue.

Contact us today to receive your free proposal to start improving your digital marketing strategy to set your team up for greater success.

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