Create Action Driving Content for Your Car Dealership’s Website

In today’s online marketplace, content is king, or queen. Attracting online buyers has never been harder or more competitive. Especially when it comes to attracting quality leads. So many car dealerships want to create content for the sake of doing so. But, that’s not what gets results.

Good content that’s worth sharing is content that’s for a specific audience, drives action, and most importantly informs. If you create content but the reader doesn’t gain anything after finishing it, that piece of content is rendered useless to them.

So, how do you create action-driving content for your car dealership?

Know Who You Are Targeting

Action Driving Content, Create Action Driving Content for Your Car Dealership’s Website

Understand your audience. Know the type of language they use. Relate to their common problems and daily struggles. How can you get in touch with them to create a lasting relationship rather than a transactional one?


To get started, you’ll need to create personas for your target audience. This is more in-depth than defining an audience’s age, their proximity to your car dealership, and their buying habits. Creating buyer personas is based on actual data- your customer’s online behavior, their demographic, their motivation to buy.


Creating buyer personas will help you best define who your audience is so you can create content that is relatable and relative to them.


Keyword Research


Before you jump into action and write down every keyword that pertains to your car dealership. Keywords require a strategic approach that can lead to tremendous results. Paid Google Ads can help accomplish some of your keyword goals, but when it comes to your content, research, research, research.


Long-tail keywords traditionally generate more organic traffic, but can also help lead to shorter keywords you can target. Google Keyword Planner is a great starting point for you to begin your keyword research.


Once you find your keywords, understand how they relate to your audience, and begin thinking about the types of content you can create that would be action driving and informative. One crucial element to remember is that keyword stuffing will yield worse results than fewer keywords. Truly, less is more in this instance.


Search engines are extremely smart and if you are creating content that is loaded with various keywords but isn’t providing actual substance, your content will plummet to the bottom of the search results. It’s a common joke that if you want to hide a dead body, the second page of search results is where you’d do it. When’s the last time you scrolled to the second page of a search engines page?

Determine your keywords. Determine the content that you can create – eBooks, whitepapers, guides, social media posts, blog posts.


Find Your Competitive Advantage

Action Driving Content, Create Action Driving Content for Your Car Dealership’s Website

To the average consumer, car dealerships are a dime a dozen. So what makes your dealership better than the one down the road? Customer service is often the fallback, which is extremely important, but if all car dealerships say their service, there’s nothing unique. Is it the pricing you can provide, the number of vehicles you have?


What your competitive advantage should be is your knowledge. Your employees should be able to speak to each vehicle’s most important features, talk about pricing options, and provide excellent customer service. The trifecta!


The best part about displaying your knowledge is that you can showcase it in person and in your content. When you create content that can be viewed online by anyone, you’ve gained a leg up on your competitors by expanding your reach tenfold.


Start Creating Today

Creating action-driving content involves understanding your audience, conducting keyword research, and utilizing your competitive advantage. When you can provide excellent knowledge to users online, the quality of your leads will increase dramatically.


You may also find that people are following and subscribing to your content who are on the other side of the country or in a completely different industry. Good, high-quality content is not easy to come by and when people find it, they latch on to it.


The final key element in creating good content is consistency. And as a car dealership, although creating content might be doable, can you repeat it and create high-quality content on a consistent basis?


At Market Doctors, we create content and work with car dealerships to increase their brand awareness, quality of their leads, and overall revenue. We’re the premier digital marketing agency for car dealerships and our experience of over 20 years speaks for itself.


Contact us today to learn more about our content marketing services and see how we can help take your business to the next level.

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