Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers

Every car dealership has the same goal, to get more customers, increase sales, and provide exceptional service. The last is well within your control, but the first two are often more complicated elements. The seasonal trends, the discounts, the constant browsers, which tops can help lead to better, more frequent results?

Spending more and more money on advertising your car dealership may work, but it is not the best pathway forward. If you are spending money on the wrong mediums, the wrong audiences, and at the wrong times, you could be better off reinvesting that money into new floor mats since there will be a lot of standing around on the showroom floor.

You need a targeted, focused approach and have an end buyer in mind. You need to identify your ideal customer and then work backward from there. Most people need cars but it is unrealistic for most people to drive across state lines to buy a car, let alone drive three hours to get a new car.


Local Car Dealership Marketing Tips

Identify your local competition and how you can increase your market share.

Invest Locally

seo for dealers

Invest some of your marketing budget in local advertising. Specifically, local SEO. Start targeting local keywords and optimizing your website to show up when local search results for car dealerships are conducted. If your local audience cannot find you, how can you grow your business?

Investing in a local SEO strategy should be the first car dealership marketing tip you implement. Starting locally allows you to get local buyers interested and traffic starting to show up.

Build Strong Partnerships

Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers

Word of mouth is still a powerful marketing element, especially for car dealerships. Every salesperson can tout their business, but it is the local audience that can do your bidding for you. When it comes to your local brand, build partnerships with local businesses that are reputable and do not compete with you. You essentially want to build a strong network of referrals so you can promote other local businesses and they can do the same.

Having a strong, local presence is essential to every car dealership’s success, and strong partnerships are a large part of that. You do not need to give a gift every time someone is sent your way from another business, but giving them a shoutout, a small something here and there, or taking them out to dinner is a gracious gesture.

Host an Event

Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers

You do not need to hire wrestling luchadors to promote your car dealership. It might be awesome, but there is no need for that. Hosting an event should be something that attracts people who are interested in stopping by to learn more about your car dealership. They know where the event is, so trying to swindle them in with free this or free that will lead you in more wrong directions than right.

Host events that are beneficial to you and to your audience. Working with some of your local partnerships is a great way to promote all of you at once, share some of the costs, and cross-promote your brands. Doing something unique that gets people to stop and have a meaningful conversation is far more beneficial than doing some gimmick that your audience can see right through.

Local Car Dealership Marketing Tips

Your local audience should be your most important audience. Having hundreds of thousands of social media followers would be a dream, but how many of them would actually buy from you? How many of them actually could buy from you? Focusing your marketing efforts on local SEO, building partnerships, and hosting meaningful events will help lead to more leads and greater profits.

Implementing these strategies is not easy, and at Market Doctors, we specialize in helping dealerships like you accomplish this in a fraction of the time and with greater results. For over 20 years we have been providing exceptional car dealership marketing services across the United States. We understand the importance of your local brand and attracting an audience that is interested in buying, not just test driving your newest car.

Learn more about our local car dealership marketing services and start growing your local market share. Because if you wait today, someone is going to your competitor tomorrow. Contact us today.

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