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From customer acquisition to customer retention, we’re the full-service marketing agency for car dealerships. Our goal is to help get you more leads, customers, sales, and revenue.

We believe in making outstanding first impressions. Let us show you how we can enhance your prospect’s first impression today.

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Car Dealership Marketing Solutions

At Market Doctors, we provide custom marketing solutions to meet and exceed your car dealership’s needs and wants. The car dealership marketing solutions we provide are designed to help you land on the first page of search engines, increase your brand’s awareness, increase website conversions, generate more qualified leads, and increase your in-store traffic.

We’ve been a pioneer in this industry for over 20 years and would love to show you how we can bring tremendous results to your car dealership.

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Local Car Dealership Marketing

When it comes to local car dealership search results, you need to ensure that you land atop that list. Our solutions are designed to do just that. Through geotargeting, a strategic SEO approach, and optimized landing pages, we’ll help boost your local online presence, overall online search awareness, and generate more local leads.

Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

Pay-Per-Click Car Campaigns

If you spend money on PPC ads, are you seeing a positive return? More often than not, we see customers come to us spending thousands of dollars each month without seeing any positive results. Our PPC campaigns are designed to help optimize your existing campaigns to yield better, high-quality, action-driving results. PPC ads are more than just set it and forget it. It’s a continual process that needs to be monitored to provide exceptional results.
Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

SEO Enhancements

The internet is the first place consumers check when conducting their car research. When a first impression is made, will your dealership be there to exceed their expectations?

Our SEO approach is detail-oriented to ensure you’re ranking for the right keywords, have optimized landing pages, and relatable content so search engines view you as a trusted source. Stop letting potential customers skip over you because of a lackluster SEO strategy. Get in touch with us today.

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

Your online presence includes a strong social media strategy. Regular, consistent posting is great, but won’t move the needle. Our social media marketing strategy for car dealerships includes high-quality graphics, action-driving content, enhanced product descriptions, and an optimal way for prospects to get in touch with you. Increasing your followers on social media is beneficial, but increasing the number of landing page hits from your accounts is what will help set you apart from your competition.

Additional Car Dealership Marketing Services

Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

Direct Mailers

Our direct mail campaigns help you get in touch with the right customers each time. With the right messaging, you’ll see an increase in in-store visitors who have a flyer in hand.
Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

Car Dealership Call Center

Effectively communicating with your prospective and existing customers is crucial. We’ll help provide a first-class experience for your callers with our in-house call center and answering service team.
Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Management

Effective email campaigns are more than just open and click-through rates. It’s about generating conversions and getting buyer-ready prospects.

Co-Op Guarantee

We understand the complexity of OEM co-op requirements. Our solutions meet all OEM co-op programs through our strategic and design services. We provide in-house services and a co-op team complimentary with all of our car dealership marketing services.

Customer Testimonials

Car Dealership Marketing, Car Dealership Marketing Agency

We love letting our work speak for itself. Read some of our testimonials from actual clients and see how you can get proven results just like them.

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