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We are Market Doctors, a full suite marketing service for car dealerships. For over 20 years we’ve been providing exceptional car dealership digital marketing services across the United States. Our goal is to help you increase your lead generation efforts, customer retention, sales efforts, and your close rate.

The first step we take with you is to show you where your current marketing efforts stand. This helps us show any lacking areas, areas of potential growth, and how we can help you hone your existing efforts.

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Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Car Dealership

When you have a prospective customer on your website, will your first impression be a lasting one? As a full-service digital marketing firm for car dealerships, we’ll work with you to understand the needs, wants, and goals of your marketing campaigns.

We utilize some of the most advanced and robust marketing techniques to increase your lead generation, sales, and website traffic so you can turn more prospects into customers.

Showing up atop search engines and especially on local searches, your online presence needs a strategic approach. Learn more about our digital marketing services.

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Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Car Dealerships

SEO campaigns for car dealerships are an extremely effective yet often overlooked technique. When working with us, we conduct in-depth keyword research, optimize your existing landing pages and create new ones, create action-driving content, and continuously report on the progress of your campaign. We’ll show you where you currently stand, areas that could be lacking, and areas where we can help you improve upon.

We’ll help you increase your online search visibility and local awareness to generate more qualified leads to fill your marketing and sales funnel. We’re with you every step of the way and we’d love to show you how we can help give you an upper hand today.

Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

PPC for Car Dealerships

Every dealership has a different marketing budget and different needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your monthly spending and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. All of our PPC campaigns include a strategic planning phase, keyword research and overview, customized ad creation, retargeting, and continuous optimization.

We are firm believers that PPC campaigns are not a one-time deal. They need to be monitored and optimized to operate at a high level with tremendous results. We frequently report on the success of your campaign and ensure you are kept abreast at all times.

Social Media Marketing

Not only do we help optimize your social media marketing efforts, but you also get the Market Doctors Lead Rx CRM. This ensures that whenever someone interacts with one of your social media accounts, they’ll be added to your CRM so you can follow up with them. This helps ensure your social media efforts are providing an impact on your business.

Our customized social media marketing campaigns for car dealerships are designed to drive engagement to your accounts, increase website traffic, and increase the number of followers across your social media platforms. Our goal is to help you create the most effective and efficient social media marketing strategy possible.


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Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

Direct Mailers

With our direct mail campaigns, we’ll help you get in front of your target market so prospects are showing up at your dealership. Direct mail is still an extremely powerful but underutilized tool in the car dealership space.
Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

Call Center

Need phone assistance for your car dealership? Learn more about our full-service call center. We’ll provide your dealership with first-class service so your prospective and existing customers receive the best support and information available.

Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Improve your open and click-through rates with our email marketing services. But it doesn’t end there. Our goal is to increase your conversion rate so you’re closing more deals in no time.

The Market Doctors Co-Op

OEM co-ops can be very involved and complex. We understand your needs and ensure we meet the required guidelines in every digital marketing solution we provide. This is just one more detail that’s included in the Market Doctors service.

Customer Testimonials

Car Dealer Marketing, Car Dealership Digital Marketing

We love letting our work speak for itself, and over the past 20 years, we’ve done just that. Having worked with dealerships big and small For over 20 years we’ve worked with dealerships big and small, from near and far. We’ve provided these dealerships with tremendous results and would for you to see them for yourself. We love letting our work speak for itself.

Allen Tate
General Manager, Bayway Caddilac