6 Tips to Improve Your Car Dealership Marketing

In today’s online world, marketing your dealership is harder than it has ever been. If you don’t have a solid online marketing strategy, the odds of people ever finding you are slim to none. And yes, that includes paid ads.


Improving your dealership’s marketing efforts isn’t hard. It just requires a solid strategy and focus. Rather than trying to do a little of everything, hone in your marketing plan to these six elements.


Tips to Improve Your Dealership’s Marketing Efforts

Boost Your Dealership’s Website

Car Dealership Marketing, 6 Tips to Improve Your Car Dealership Marketing

The first place someone looks at when conducting research on your dealership is your website. So, make sure it works properly, it’s optimized for different devices, and it loads properly. Each of these elements may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many dealerships don’t have them.


If you aren’t sure how to properly test your website’s speed or make sure all of your links are working properly, you can use SEMRush to do a free website audit.


Dealership SEO


Playing off of your website, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. This includes your landing pages, any paid ads, your social media channels. In order to properly optimize your content, you’ll need to include relevant keywords, provide relevant and readable content, and properly link to other authoritative sources.


SEO is more than loading your website and online pages with as many keywords as you can think of. If you do, you’ll more than likely be dinged by search engines. When it comes to your keywords, less is typically more. You can focus and become an authoritative source and search engines will begin to recognize your traffic and great content and rank you higher. Truly, less is more!


Use a CRM

Using a customer relationship management tool should be at the core of your business. Clean data is truly priceless. A good CRM will capture conversations with your customers and prospects and you’ll be able to nurture them if they don’t buy right away. If you aren’t using a CRM, you need to start. Microsoft Excel just isn’t cutting it anymore.


Create Content


No, not just written content. Create images and videos that excite people. Videos are a super powerful way for you to quickly show off your dealership, its fleet, and your people. Rather than reading about a vehicle, why not show it off. If you go this route, it’s best to have a professional do it. Or at least someone who has a background in video editing. You can post your videos on your website, social channels, YouTube, commercials, you name it. Ask yourself what’s more powerful. Reading a description of a sweet car or watching a 15-second video of the interior and listening to it purr?


Show off Your Dealership

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The most powerful words your dealership has are the ones spoken by other people. When someone is a raving fan of your dealership, post that online for the world to see! With that customer’s consent of course. But seriously, get reviews and testimonials and post them online. When people want to share how awesome your dealership is, how helpful your staff was, or just how great their experience was, other people want to know.


Create a Facebook Business Page

Car Dealership Marketing, 6 Tips to Improve Your Car Dealership Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing. Not only because your post can reach thousands if not millions of people. It’s because you can target your exact audience with messaging for them. You can target local people to get their attention, you can target a certain demographic, you can target people with specific sales. One of the best ways to attract local business is through social media. More specifically, Facebook.


Start Improving Your Dealership’s Marketing Today

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From acquisition to retention to reactivation, our solutions are designed to attract higher quality leads, get more sales, and grow your business. Get a free quote today to see how you compare to your competitors marketing efforts and see how we can help give you a competitive advantage.

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