5 Marketing Strategies to Implement at Your Dealership

There are tons of different methods to market your dealership. But, are they successful? Are you getting the return you should be getting or are you falling short? Not all paid advertising is the same, especially when it comes to your dealership.

One dealership may find success with a social media campaign, another may have an extremely effective commercial, another may be boosting their SEO efforts. You’re often left with a decision. Do you compete against one competitor’s marketing element, or, do you use a culmination of tools and techniques? We’ll help answer it for you. A multitude of marketing campaigns!

Some marketing channels will turn out to be more effective than others, and you’ll find that as seasons change, as the economy changes, and as new vehicles are released, your marketing success will see different results.


Five Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Dealership’s Marketing

Content Marketing


The first place consumers look when conducting vehicle research is online. If you have a strategic content approach to provide informative, relevant, and action-driving content, you’ll gain a tremendous leg up on your competition.


Creating content is more than just creating it for the sake of doing so. You have to create it with purpose. Do your research. See which keywords you can rank for and what you currently rank for.

Content comes in all sorts of forms:

There is an endless amount of content you can create. Just make sure everything you create and share has a purpose and is relevant to your audience.


Local Search Marketing


Search marketing for your dealership is more than just showing up on search engines when someone searches for your dealership’s name. Much more! It’s about optimizing for local searches, organic searches, a paying for search results.

For starters, your local search marketing campaign should involve information about your local demographic. Certain websites that capture information about your local demographics like Google Ads, Facebook, and Yelp!, allow you to target your local audience in an effective way.


Customer Testimonials


People trust others when it comes to reviews. If you have former customers who rave about you and tell everyone how amazing your dealership is, shout it from the rooftops! Let their voices be heard. Posting reviews from customers on your website, on Yelp!, on Google, can be so impactful for your business. Not to mention, it’s free advertising!


Prospects who come into your dealership or visit your website will be able to see former customers’ experiences and how helpful you were. They’ll be getting first-hand experience from working with you rather than information from you. In one study, it was found that 92% of people said they read testimonials when considering making a purchase. People want authenticity, give it to them!


Event Marketing

Car Dealership SEO Management

What can you do to drive people to your dealership’s physical location? Every dealership uses some sort of tactic to get people interested by saying they’re having a sale. If every dealership is having a sale, what makes yours better than your competitors?

Do something different to attract people. Try offering free car wash days (interior and exterior), vehicle safety clinics, customer appreciation events, bundle opportunities. Your events don’t always need to be focused on sales opportunities. These events are meant to build relationships and let people know you care more about just their wallets. You care about their safety and having the right information to make an informed decision. Think about a new family who needs a vehicle for their newborn. Would it be better that they save a few hundred dollars on a vehicle or spend the extra few hundred because one model is much safer and more reliable than the alternative?

Knowledge is power, showcase yours!


Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is what allows you to segment your prospects into different categories. Everyone is different, has different buying habits, has different interests. Account-based marketing is when you create personas for different types of consumers to target them with specific information that pertains to them.

You’ll create personalized marketing campaigns for these people, including newsletters, ads, and content, to give them the information they need in order to make the best decision possible for themselves.

How to Implement Marketing Strategies at Your Dealership

Implementing these five marketing strategies at your dealership may sound easy in theory, but execution is another thing. As a premier digital marketing agency for dealerships, we at Market Doctors provide a full suite of solutions to help your prospects turn into leads.

We’ve been providing marketing solutions for dealerships across the country for over 20 years and specialize in converting more leads, getting more sales, and growing your revenue.

Contact us today to get a free quote to see how you can start boosting your dealership’s presence.

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