5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Car Dealership

When it comes to getting more traffic to your car dealership, how do you capitalize on your competitive advantage? Spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns will help increase your dealership’s brand awareness, but it doesn’t always translate into buyer-qualified leads. If your marketing strategy isn’t yielding a high ROI or buyer-qualified leads, it might be time to adjust your marketing strategy.


In a cluttered market where buyers see numerous car commercials and social media ads every day, you need to find your differentiating factors to stand out and create a memorable impression with your audience. A solid marketing strategy can help increase your website traffic, leads, in-person traffic, and sales.


Five Marketing Strategies for Your Car Dealership

Before implementing any of these marketing strategies for your dealership, determine internally what the goal of your campaign is. Do you want to increase sales, awareness, traffic, customer retention? You need to align your team to come up with a strategy that will help accomplish your goals.


Get Focused

Car Dealership Marketing, 5 Effective Strategies to Market Your Car Dealership

What are you looking to accomplish with your marketing budget? Far too often dealerships want to spend their marketing dollars on marketing channels that don’t lead to the results they are looking for. You need to understand your target audience and their buying patterns.


As a dealership, you may be limited to your geographic location as well. If this is true, make sure you’re only spending your marketing budget on ads that are running in your area. If people outside of your region are seeing your ads, your messages are falling on deaf ears and you can quickly extinguish your marketing budget.


Create a hyper-focused marketing strategy to understand your audience and what you’re trying to accomplish so your dealership can accomplish its goals, increasing awareness and revenue!


Get Digital

Car Dealer SEO

Online is where your audience is at. If you want to be found by your audience, you need to have a strong digital presence. This is more than having social media accounts and a website. You need to post relevant and regular content, you need to optimize your website for search engines, and maybe even spend money on digital ads where your audience conducts their searches.


Not only will you get your brand in front of your target audience, but you’ll also be able to retarget your visitors. If and when someone clicks on one of your ads or visits your website, you’ll be able to retarget them with paid ads. The more touches and impressions you have with your audience, the more likely they are to take action with your brand. You want to create a lasting impression with your audience. Not a one-time message that gets lost in the shuffle of their busy life.


Use Email Properly


Stop sending email blasts to your contacts telling them you have cars for them in stock. That’s not unique and that’s the fastest way to see your unsubscribe and spam rates skyrocket. If you have a contact’s email, you have direct access to message them with a targeted message. So what do you want to tell your contacts?


Do you have a new fleet of vehicles that just arrived that they can test drive? Is there an extended car warranty or service department deal that can be included with the purchase of a vehicle? What added value can you provide your audience that will get them into your dealership? Emails are a long game with your audience. One email will not generate tons of buyers. It’s a campaign over a month or several months that will lead to new or repeat buyers.


Stand Out

Boosting Your Presence Online

Don’t copy what your competitors are doing. Your message, design, and campaign will be thrown out the window. Be unique and be creative when it comes to your marketing campaign. Do something different and highlight the difference in your dealership from your competitors. What is it about your dealership that separates you from the rest other than price?


Customer Retention

Call Center and Answering Services for Car Dealerships

It costs more to get a new customer than an existing one. You know the exact date and time they purchased a vehicle from you. Why aren’t you staying in touch with them to make sure it’s holding up, it still meets their needs, and how there’s an opportunity to upgrade to a newer model. Customer retention is more than sending an email saying happy birthday and if they ever need anything you’ll be there for them.


Cherish your previous customers and continue to nurture them. You know how difficult it is to get a customer. Treat the ones you have well so if and when their car buying needs change, you’re first in line holding the door open to your showroom.


Premier Marketing Services For Car Dealerships

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